Yugomedic products

Products from the finest cotton with high absorbency. Ideal for all hygienic purposes primarily for natural face and body care. They are widely used both in health and in the household. For those who prefer a nice, soft and gentle feeling only pure cotton can provide.

Cotton balls are made of premium pure cotton with exceptional absorbency. Extremely delicate cotton structure gives the balls feeling of softness and gentle touch. They are suitable for everyday use in cosmetic purposes as well as for the care of babies and children.

Cotton pads are made from 100% pure cotton. Although extremely soft they retain their shape during use and does not tear apart, thanks to hydro procedure the cotton surface is treated. Ideal for daily hygiene for all cosmetic purposes. They can be freely used for the care of babies and children.

Cotton buds are made from flexible but firm enough sticks with bulbs of pure cotton on the ends. When using a cotton bud retains its compactness and do not break. Buds gentle as such are ideal for daily hygiene and baby care.

Designed for the women needs during ‘those’ days of the month. They provide reliable protection and freedom of movement during all days of the cycle. All natural and soft napkins are creating a pleasant feeling throughout the day and night.

Hygienic tampons ensure reliable protection with the comfort and freedom of movement during the numerous activities of women. In relation to the napkins, tampons absorb already in your body, what you do not need to reach outside the body and contribute to feel good and be free during ‘those days’.

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