Use of the website

Terms of use define the rules that allow users of this service (hereinafter referred to as ‘buyer’) to purchase products or services from our offer.
Pursuant to the provision of Article 13. and Articles 27. The Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 62/2014) purchase through our online store is considered as distance selling from Group 47.91 retail by mail or the Internet.

The sale of goods is done via the website (further in the text ‘site’) and performs within the registered activity of the company Yugomedic doo from Sr. Kamenica street Vojvode Mišića no. 17 / a, Reg.Num: 08658137, VAT num: 100806473 Tel: +381216402070 Fax: +381216401979, email address for complaints is:

Goods sold through the website have the properties necessary for the regular use of that kind of goods in accordance with its purpose as defined in the declaration.
The basic features and descriptions of goods can be found on our site.

Prices and discounts

The selling price of the goods are indicated with each item. Only the price of the item that was visible at the time of purchase is valid. All prices are instant and updated regularly.

The quoted prices are with VAT included, but shipping costs are not included. When you add products to the basket, shipping costs will be visible in the basket.
The service of delivery of goods for the teritory of Serbia is free for orders exceeding 3,000.00 rsd.

For ordering through the site you get discounts on the value of the ordered goods:
1.000 – 2.999 rsd, you will get a discount of 3%
3,000 – 5,999 rsd, you will get a discount of 5%
over 5,999 rsd, you will get a discount of 7%

The discount will be automatically calculated through the basket.

Method of payment

The buyer who purchases the goods via the site can pay by cash at the time of delivery, or by Proforma Invoice.

Cash at delivery

At the moment of delivering the ordered goods from courier service Daily Express.

Payment by Proforma Invoice

The payment must be paid within 7 days, otherwise Yugomedic doo has the right to withdraw from the contract.
It is considered that the payment was made when the funds were “deposited” on the seller’s current account at the Proforma Invoice.
In the case of payment by Proforma Invoice, please write:
Recipient: Yugomedic doo Sr. Kamenica
Current account number 170-0030027432000-22 (Unicredit bank AD Belgrade)
Purpose of payment: for goods with Proforma Invoice number XXXXX
Call number: enter only the number of the Proforma Invoice

Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods you have ordered through our online store is done through courier service Daily Express on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
Delivery to your address is made by couriers in the period from 8 to 17 hours on weekdays, while on Saturdays delivery is not possible. Please ensure that you receive the package during this period.
Shortly after verifying your order, the order processing status moves. During processing to your email address, you will receive a notification of the status of your order or information on successful purchases. All orders received until 14h will be delivered the next day.
If the order is made over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or during the holidays, the package will be sent on the first next working day.
The product will be delivered in appropriate packaging protected from external influences, which ensures the confidentiality of the product’s nature.
If you notice that the transport box is significantly damaged and you suspect that the product may have been damaged, refuse the receipt of the shipment and inform us immediately.
For all orders over 3,000 rsd, transportation costs are borne by Yugomedic doo. For orders below 3,000 rsd, the cost of transport is 300 rsd and will be shown in the final amount in the basket. The minimum order amount is 500 din.
In the event of any uncertainty or problems with your order, you can contact us.


It is very important that you immediately report any damage visible on the transport packaging of the product to the courier who delivers the goods.
If you notice any damage, do not sign the receipt of the item or ask the courier to wait until you check that the damage to the transport packaging didnt caused the damege of products itself. If the product is not damaged, please accept the shipment.
If you received the shipment and after opening the box, however, find out that the delivered goods do not correspond to the order or is somehow damaged or the data on the account is not appropriate, please send us your information (name, surname, phone) at latest within 24 hours from the moment you received the shipment on next email and describe what kind of problem you have.
In the shortest possible time, we will respond to your complaint and proceed to resolve the complaint.
The deadline for resolving the complaint is 15 days from the moment of received complaint.
For accepted complaints, Yugomedic doo is responsible for all transportation costs.

The right to renounce

As a buyer, you have the right to cancel the contract. The deadline for returning goods based on the cancellation is 14 days from the day your goods were delivered to you. If you give up the contract, you are obliged to return the package in the original undamaged, unopened transport package, and you must also attach the original invoice. Upon expiration of the 14 day period, the same can not be returned from the date of receipt of the package.

In the event of the cancellation, the buyer shall bear all the costs of returning goods and money.

The buyer acquires the right to withdraw from the purchase, if within 3 days after receiving the goods, to give an unequivocal written statement to withdraw from the contract, which he should send to with data (name and surname, address, contact telephone, number of shipment, order and payment date, as well as the total amount) and return the goods in the original unopened packaging.

Replacement of goods

The product can be replaced within the legal deadline for another, provided that it is in the original packaging, unused and undamaged, and the cost of the return is borne by the buyer. Individual packages of items that the customer intends to replace must not be opened and their original packaging must not be damaged.
The buyer may not have to indicate the reason for the replacement.
The replacement will take place within the legal deadline of 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment.
The cost of sending goods for the purpose of replacing them shall be borne by the buyer.


The buyer who gives up the contract has the right to refund or exchange for another product.

In case of product return, the money is refinded to the customer upon receipt of the product, within the set time limit, and after the product is checked. If the buyer returns the damaged product without the original package, the refund will not be made and the goods will be placed at the disposal of the customer.
Yugomedic doo is obliged to pay the buyer the amount paid by the buyer under the contract minus the costs of refunding money and sending the goods if the goods were sent at the expense of the retailer, no later than 15 days after the receipt of the goods from which the buyer gave up and checked its validity.
In case of cancellation of the purchase and refund of funds the procedure is as follows:
Send us a statement of the cancellation at with your Invoice number and the your bank account number, as well as the name of the bank.
Once we receive your email, we will forward you documents for the return of goods, which is a confirmation of receipt of your statement of termination of the contract. Print the documents we have sent to you, fill and sign them up, and in the case of a company also stamp. Please send these documents together with the goods to the address we sent you in the mail.

Products returning due to the cancellation of the contract must be in original packaging, unused and undamaged. The packet you send needs to be tightly packed and sealed with tape so that the package is not damaged during transportation.
Refunds are not made in cash, but on the bank account you provided to us, after the products are checked.

Yugomedic doo